For those that have been to Japan, one lasting image of the country's coffee scene may be the nearly endless selection of canned coffees found available in ubiquitous convenience stores and vending machines. As the cafe scene continues to grow in Japan, however, there remain a variety of ways to enjoy coffee--including a very traditional world’s first tatami-style Starbucks in Kyoto, spreadable coffee for toast, and beautiful kimono-patterned tumblers.

Coffee Cone in Tokyo, which recently , is giving latte art a cute aesthetic boost with the creative twist of serving their coffee in ice cream cones!

While the cafe serves regular ice cream cones and coffee, their recent offerings of coffee poured into tasty-looking ice cream cones has been attracting popularity. Customers can choose from a variety of flavored cones--including rainbow sprinkle covered, chocolate covered, and even chocolate-matcha covered--which can be used to create some interesting flavor combinations depending on what type of coffee, tea, or late you order.

Coffee Cone is located in Koenji in Tokyo at the following address.

3-20-15 Koenjminami Suginami-ku, Tokyo

By - grape Japan editorial staff.