You may remember that last year, the mayor of Beppu city in Kyushuu, famous for its hot spring resorts, created a promotional video for his proposed concept of a hot spring-themed amusement park where guests could enjoy the refreshing experience of traditional Japanese hot springs while riding roller coasters and other attractions. While it seemed ridiculous at the time, the mayor promised to open up the park if the promotional video went viral with over one million views and cleared a crowdfunding goal. After those hurdles were easily cleared, visual plans for the park were released and now the park has arrived.

While the mayor kept his word, unfortunately the park was opened on a slightly different scale than what many were likely expecting. Existing amusement park Beppu Rakutenchi was converted into "Yuenchi" (a word play on the Japanese "yu" for hot baths, and "yuenchi" for amusement park) for a three day promotional event starting on July 29th. Still, the "Spamusement Park" looks true to concept--offering up merry-go-rounds with carts replaced by baths, lathered-up horses, and an Onsen Bubble Rollercoaster, which whips attendees across the park while sitting in the comfort of their own personal bath.

The three day open park experience was only open to attendees who had pledged 8,000 yen to the crowdfunding effort, which raked in 82 million yen ($740,800), the Asahi Shinbun reports, with city officials expecting 12,000 visitors over the three day period. Because of the bubble machines and overall nature of the park, attendees were encouraged to show up in swimsuits and clothes suited for getting wet.

As a Japanese theme park, it was almost mandatory that a mascot be in attendance.

While it ended up being a three day pop-up experience (the park was set up within only six months), it's likely that if final attendance numbers and support were a great success, the scale of the park may be expanded and eventually opened to the general public in some capacity.

Here are some videos of the event.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.