We've seen some of Japan's incredible cardboard artists apply their craft to feline goods, including an awesome DIY sushi restaurant house for their cat, as well as a commercial kitty conductor train, but one couple on Twitter may have trumped them all with some creative teamwork.

Husband @kyoryu_kuramo is a designer and illustrator, with a talented welder for a wife who has applied her skill to their feline problems before. One such example is this custom grating she made to keep their curious cat from playing in the sink.

Knowing his wife's skill and their cat's penchant for mischief, @kyoryu_kuramo took advantage of his own craft and drew up a cardboard cat mecha out of cat food boxes. His wife was happy to oblige, putting together what we are tentatively calling the Mecha Kitty Kat Mk. I.

Source: @kyoryu_kuramo

The finished product.

Source: @kyoryu_kuramo

As you can see, the design to actual production quality is very high.

A spacious entry in the cockpit makes it easy for the cat to enter and leave when it wants, but strategically planted kitty snacks mostly convince the playful feline to stay put.

It's the perfect defense against attackers, or jealous wannabe co-pilots. Although @kyoryu_kuramo says it appears as if the fellow cat is performing some maintenance.

And here is a preview of what the second model may end up looking like--we'll call it Metal Gear Meow!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.