In what has become an annual event in Yokohama's Minato Mirai area, the The Pikachu Outbreak Festival runs for nearly a week long (8/9-8/15 this year) never fails to impress with its inexorable onslaught of Pikachus. Home of Japan’s longest running Pokemon Center store, every year Yokohama is invaded by 1,500 Pikachus who dance, march, and cuddle guests in a festival that takes over major train lines and buildings with Pikachu decorations. This year, however, the Pikachu army isn't just marching through the streets--they are taking to both air and land in the form of Pikachu boats and blimps!

The Pikachu entourage didn't simply cruise through Yokohama's bay area, however. The electric franchise icon also took to the air in an impressive Pika-Blimp.

The most iconic image, however, is this creepily in-sync March of the Pikachus!

Pikachu even brought his own idol unit, PKC48 (a play on mega-idol unit AKB48).

But one of the biggest crowd-pleasers this year appears to be an appearance by Meowth--sporting this giant Meowth face hot air balloon.

Although Pikachu has no interest in letting Team Rocket blast off again.

In honor of Pikachu, the landmark Cosmo Clock Ferris Wheel even showed some appreciation for the beloved Pokemon.

One Pikachu appeared to be a bit sloshed during a dance performance, but it's simply a Pokemon wardrobe malfunction.

Here's a few more highlights, including Sailor Pikachus and a rather large Pikachu float.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.