"Kirie" is a type of art-form where one cuts paper to reveal beautiful patterns.

It is one of Japanese traditional art, and is so fascinating to look at.

The fine and beautiful: the world of Kirie

Yuko began creating Kirie when she created a welcome board for a friend 4 years ago.

She uses a unique method where she places multiple layers of colored paper.

In addition, acrylic sheets are used to create a 3D look. The result is a marvel.

This one, for example, is a large work with a length of 60 cm, and it weighs around 8 kg!

This masterpiece took around 6 months to complete. It is inspired by Alfons Maria Mucha's "Zodiac".

Goldfish brothers

A butterfly in a pattern of four seasons

Harry Potter

Kirie in a smartphone case

In a transparent smartphone case, goldfish swims. Each version have their own aesthetic appeal.

How the design is made

The design for the Kirie is made by first creating a design on paper, and devising the colors on a computer.

Once the design is set, the paper is cut using a 30-degree design knife.

Total concentration is required while working; you have to get really close to the paper in order to cut with precision.

Yuko also published a book, which is available in bookstores across Japan, as well as online websites.

The book shows ways in which you can create a Kirie dress by combining multiple patterns and colors.

Yuko also creates welcome boards on order through her websites. Do check out her website (Japanese only) for more info!


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Twitter: @yukotokoto221
Instagram: yukotokoto_kotton
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By - grape Japan editorial staff.