A "mysterious phenomenon" happened at art historian Momoe Kanazawa's (@momokanazawa) home.

She woke up one morning to see this object.

A drastic white object that extends out like a ribbon: boldness in which layers upon layers of white bands are placed seems to be a pretty convincing artwork.

An unanonymous artist? Ms. Kanazawa doesn't know either. But according to her investigation (or: common sense), she believes that the creator is obvious when you see down on the floor.

That artist, is "Mr. R".

According to Ms. Kanazawa's study, Mr. R had a spark of creative inspiration when he saw a raw of toilet papers.

And the way Mr. R sits with an artistic face as the sun shines on him... lol

I wonder when he will get his creative urge next, though Ms. Kanazawa probably doesn't want any more 'artwork' lying around in her home.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.