Japanese robot Pepper introduces robot funeral services in Japan.

Japanese robotics can range from downright horrifying, such as this demonic poop robot that spews fecal liquid, to practical and service-oriented, such as the robot staffed Strange Hotel. Perhaps the most emblematic of what the Japanese robotics field strives for however, is Pepper, a domestic assistant robot programmed for a variety of services and growing by the day. (Although he has been known to be pretty creepy himself) Pepper is now adding a new and perhaps niche skill to his resume, and that's the ability to perform funeral rites and chant sutras at Japanese funerals.

Plastics technology company Nissei Eco has announced a new "IT Funeral Service" which utilizes robot helper Pepper as an assistant during the ceremony. The service was created as a response to certain needs, such as friends and family members who do not have a particular family temple (bodaiji), are not comfortable with graves and cryptic places, and do not want to get caught up in the parishoner system of a temple. The service provides all the needs of other funeral services, including legal requirements and Buddhist name inscriptions according to the desired sect of the family.

Here's Pepper giving a demonstration of Japanese robot funeral services.

じぶんで 葬儀さん(@jibundesougi)がシェアした投稿 -

じぶんで 葬儀さん(@jibundesougi)がシェアした投稿 -

The mere presence of a Pepper unit, however, might seem a bit jarring at such a serious event. Still, it seems that in addition to what might seem like fluff in helping out at the actual funeral, Pepper also carries the ability to stream the services to members unable to attend the event, through Pepper's POV.

Certainly, there is a question of how comfortable a family is with this type of service, and how appropriate one feels the presence of a cutesy robot is. However, it serves as yet another example of the many ways in which Japan is embracing introducing robots and their services in everyday life.

By - Big Neko.