Comic Market, or Comiket as it is often called, is Japan's largest comic convention. Convention-goers are known to turn train stations in war zones with their mad dash to get to the convention, but one of the main attractions at the event is the high level of cosplay to be seen. While many elaborate and painstakingly made costumes are on display, Japanese bodybuilder Taichi Shimizu shows that sometimes a bare bones approach can have just as attention-grabbing an impact with his beefy Master Roshi cosplay.

Shimizu clearly takes his training seriously, but he also made sure get into the spirit of the cosplay by shaving both his head and eyebrows.

The result is an outstanding Master Roshi cosplay that fully takes advantage of Shimizu's imposing physique, and definitely puts his posing routine to good use!

Master Roshi isn't the only cosplay up this bodybuilder's ripped sleeves. At Comic Market two years ago, he impressed with this awesome Zangief costume.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.