When it comes to adventurous headgear in Japan, very few things match up to these creepy hyper-realistic gigantic felt cat heads, but eccentric book and oddity shop Village Vanguard has shown that they are willing to sell their own fair share of head-turning hats. This time the retailer is opting for a 3D aesthetic, offering a series of creepy and cool polygon animal helmets.

They're simply called "Headkits" and consist of a self-assembly paper mask that when put together, has a surreal 3D polygon style. There are four different types offered, allowing you to become a panda, bear, rabbit, or black panther. While other quirky masks in Japan help combat the sun or have restorative properties, the Headkit's maker is simply advertising these bumpy animal heads as a way to get attention for yourself on social media accounts, or to use at fun events like birthday parties. Given their funny and sometimes terrifying looks, we think they suit those tasks just fine.

Although you could use them for your band's new album cover

Village Vanguard sells them on their website (and presumably in their stores), but they are currently sold out. For those not in Japan, it's likely these will make their way to Amazon or Rakuten sometime in the near future. Each is priced at 2,268 yen ($20.79 USD).

By - grape Japan editorial staff.