Source: PR Times

New Japanese Kit Kats Are Cough Drop Flavored

Nestlé Japan hasn't shown any signs of slowing down when it comes to releasing adventurous Kit Kat flavors, recently hitting Japan with interesting flavors such as sushi Kit Kats, sake Kit Kats, and chocolate caked-stuffed Kit Kats. While many Japanese Kit Kat flavors take advantage of regional specialties and ingredients, the latest unusual flavor is a limited release to match up with the FIFA World Cup Asian qualifiers--in the form of cough drop flavored Kit Kats!

These Kit Kats are “nodo ame” (のど飴), or "cough drop" flavored and contain 2.1 percent cough drop powder per wafer, which is said to give the chocolate bars a more soothing and refreshing quality. The package features a cheering cartoon of Yasutaro Matsuki, former soccer player and current TV commentator for Japanese national team broadcasts. On the wrapper he cheers Kit Kat fans (and Japan) on by saying "There's a fight there that we definitely can't lose!" which is a throwback to Nestlé Japan's original wordplay slogan for Kit Kat. (Kitto Katsu, or "Definitely win!")

The special Kit Kats will be available in Japan between August 21st and September 10th at convenience stores throughout the country, making them a (supposedly) soothing treat for those cheering on the Japanese team.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.