Despite how great they taste, sometimes traditional Japanese desserts and sweets are best eaten with one's eyes. Carefully crafted techniques that withstand generations often capture an impressive balance between beautiful aesthetic and delicious flavor, with many Japanese sweets makers treating their snacks as works of art. One of the most well knownwagashi, or traditional Japanese sweets is Yōkan (羊羹), a thick, jellied dessert made from sugar, red bean paste, and agar. While it may be one of the simpler examples of wagashi, one Japanese confectionery maker is introducing a type with a gorgeous new twist.

Called the Fly Me to The Moon Yōkan Fantasia, the treat definitely lives up to some of the magic its name might suggest. Within the block of jelly is the scene of a bird flying to a moonlight background. However, with each slice one takes into the Yōkan, the background ever-so-slightly changes, giving way to the illusion of a bird flying within the snack and chipping away at a snack layered with different flavors.

Nagatoya is currently experiencing delays in shipments of the popular treat, thanks in part to this Tweet that shows off the picturesque candy.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.