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Collared Feline Puts the “Cat” Back in Catwalk

See this cute American shorthair gazing up intently? Apart from the cushion around her neck, she seems like a normal cat.

But when she’s on camera, watch out! Paris Collection models have nothing on this fashionable feline. Swaying her collar cushion as she struts towards her owner with just a hint of fierce attitude, she knows how to put the “cat” back in “catwalk.”

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It turns out that she had just come out of surgery and needed an Elizabethan collar to prevent her from licking the wound. Since many cats dislike the standard-issue plastic variety, however, her owner opted for a more comfortable and stylish solution in the form of a soft cloth cushion matching her grey fur.

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As you can see, the collar also makes the perfect accessory for a catnap.

Until the wound heals up, her owner can let her enjoy her fashion model status.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.