Japanese fast food chain Lotteria is certainly no stranger to spicing up their menu with some creative items. In the past they've released such adventurous items as burgers so cheesy and stretchy they come with a bib, as well as the overwhelming "Everything On It" burger. In a departure from hamburgers, however, they are combining one of Japan's favorite traditional snacks with one of the country's favorite dishes in the form of Omurice Taiyaki.

Taiyaki, fish-shaped (seam bream, to be exact) cakes usually filled with red bean, have gathered some attention around the world in recent years, thanks to colorful dessert and ice cream varieties becoming popular. Omurice, or "Omelette Rice" as it is shortened form for, is one of Japan's most popular "Japanese Western foods", and consists of ketchup rice (sometimes with chicken) within a very thin omelette. This particular "Omurice Taiyaki" from Lotteria contains ketchup chicken rice and a cheddar cheese omelette.

The on-the-go fish-shaped omelettes will be sold at 12 Lotteria locations throughout Japan for 190 yen a piece.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.