Source: Kokuyo

Send Custom Comic Book Packages With Manga Tape

Gift-giving customs in Japan runs deep. Whether it be within the workplace, a wedding, or the importance of wrapping the gift itself, there are many facets to the culture of gift giving in Japan than make it a special act. While this isn't necessarily true of sending packages, an awarding winning design by Japanese stationery company Kokuyo is giving you the option of adding an extra level of personalization to the packages you send in the form of your very own manga strip!

Manga Tape previously was honored at the 2016 Kokuyo Design Awards, and is now set to be realized with its very own release. The strip of tape features not only manga panels, but speech bubbles and special effects panels that you can fill in to give everything from intimate care packages to even the more mundane shipments a custom twist of humor or drama with a manga aesthetic. Kokuyo emphasizes the emotional impact of Manga Tape, saying that "behind every package, there is definitely a story and feelings...more than the design of the package, this is a design for your feelings."

From September 13 Kokuyo's online shop will sell the tape for 972 yen.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.