Nestlé Japan is known for grabbing headlines with their exciting Kit Kat flavors such as chocolate-caked filling and even a sushi variation, but one of their most talked about releases has been sake-flavored Kit Kats, containing sake power kneaded in between wafer and white chocolate clocking in at .8-percent alcohol per bar. Now much like a recent effort to upgrade their standard Green Tea Kit Kats with double-matcha flavoring, Nestlé Japan is putting in extra effort to release a new premimum sake Kit Kat, enlisting the help of a sake-loving Japanese soccer player and a famous sake brewery.

The release is part of an effort by Nestlé Japan to promote the charm of traditional Japanese industries, of which sake is obviously a well-known pillar. Hidetoshi Nakata, a celebrated Japanese soccer player who has become an avid sake fan and connoisseur after his athletic career, worked closely with the especially selected Masuizumi, a famous sake brewery located in Toyama, which is blessed with an abundance of pristine water making high quality sake.

The "Masuizumi Japan Sake Kit Kat" is said to deliver the treat with an elegant balance between the dry yet refreshing aftertaste of Masuizumi sake with a sweet white chocolate wafer. Where this sake Kit Kat improves over the original seems to be that it aims to capture the spreading aroma and layered taste of a fine cup of sake. Servings have been knocked down to 0.4 percent alcohol, perhaps making these a little easier to bite into.

Masuizumi Japan Sake Kit Kat boxes come decorated with a picture of a sake bottle wrapped in pure white cloth, which is usually done to indicate that the sake is of the highest quality. The premium sake Kit Kats will go on sale at gift shops all over Japan starting in the middle of September for 700 yen.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.