Japan's love for cat cafes has yet to burn out. The feline trend has evolved beyond a simple opportunity to sip coffee and play with cats, and spawned interesting varieties that offer up incredibly luxurious cat host clubs, cafes with cosplaying kitties, and even opportunities to raise awareness for and adopt FIV+ cats. Recently, Japan continued the evolution of cat cafes by introducing the world's first cat cafe train, courtesy of Yoro Railways.

The event, hosted by Yoro Railways in Gifu Prefecture, saw a special train run between Ogaki and Ikeno Stations for a one-day event to raise awareness for rescue cats. 80 passengers (40 each way) were allowed to board a train with a group of cats who were previously scheduled to be put down, but are now under the protection of rescue agency Sanctuary, in an effort to find forever homes for the cats and others like them. Passengers who participated in the event for a fee of 3,000 yen ($27.25 USD) were provided a bento for the day, and a portion of proceeds went to the cat shelter. It didn't even take one day for the event to sell out, showing that there is indeed a certain demand for being able to play with cats while enjoying scenic views from a train.

Given the good cause and how quickly maximum applicants were reached, it wouldn't be a surprise to see this event repeated, as it stands to give a lot of rescue cats a way to find a home.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.