As part of their Universal Cool Japan initiative (an effort to promote popular Japanese entertainment around the world), Osaka's Universal Studios Japan has often tapped into the appeal of popular Japanese video game and anime fiction, building attractions inspired by Neon Genesis Evangelion and even offering up a Super Nintendo World complete with Mario Kart racing. Now the park has announced that it will be introducing attractions inspired by two mega-popular franchises in Final Fantasy and Sailor Moon.

Starting on January 19th of 2018, USJ will offer a variety of Universal Cool Japan 2018 attractions inspired by Final Fantasy, Great Detective Conan, and Monster Hunter. Later in the Spring, a Sailor Moon-themed attraction will be added to the menu as well. All attractions will run until June 24th. Anxious Sailor Moon fans may want to kill time munching away in anticipation at the newly introduced Sailor Moon cafe. While we don't yet know to what extent the attractions will be offered, it is clear that Final Fantasy VII will be heavily involved, given that Cloud is on the promotional banner.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.