The miko, or shrine maidens, who assist in various capacities in Shinto shrines, are probably one of the more iconic images of traditional Japan with their simple red and white robes. The miko is also a favorite and recurring character type in manga and anime, from Rei Hino / "Sailor Mars" in Sailor Moon, Kaho Mizuki in Cardcaptor Sakura, the Hiiragi siblings in Lucky Star or Nozomi Tojo in Love Live! This popularity has made miko or miko-inspired outfits a common sight in the cosplaying community.

Wouldn't it be nice if there was a way you could indulge in the miko fantasy within the comfort of your own home? The creative minds at MOCOLLE, who design clothes and home furnishings based on fantasies drawn from popular culture, made that wish come true when they created a comfortable and simplified interpretation of a shrine maiden's outfit as loungewear last year. The fact that their crowdfunding campaign exceeded their ambitious 1 million yen funding goal, reaching 232%, was unmistakable proof that the miko concept was a hit. Driven by their success with their loungewear, they created a miko bikini which was even more successful, reaching 313% of their goal.

Now, a year after their first campaign, MOCOLLE has brought their miko loungewear back with numerous improvements over their original design.

source: CAMPFIRE, Inc.

Having received ample feedback from fans of their original project, their new and improved shrine maiden loungewear has implemented the following changes:

To begin with, whereas there was only one size available for all customers in the first version, the new version comes in two different sizes, medium and large.

source: CAMPFIRE, Inc.

The tasuki sash which comes with the outfit and is available in your choice of red or white, allows you to further adjust the garment for additional ease of movement, while adding a cute accent which makes it even more attractive.

source: CAMPFIRE, Inc.

Of course, since you'll be wearing the outfit at home and you want to be comfortable, you'll be happy to know that the fabric, previously a blend of 45% cotton, 50% polyester and 5% polyurethane, is now 100% cotton.

Moreover, the total weight of the garment is almost 8 ounces lighter, making it easier to swish your sleeves as you twirl around in your cutest miko pose.

source: CAMPFIRE, Inc.

Another improvement awaits those who fund their campaign. Depending on which reward level you participate at, you will receive your choice of personally penned New Year's cards and two posters from popular cosplayer and former idol Kuroneko (right) from the original campaign, or a personally penned New Year's card, three postcards (one of them autographed) and a "cheki" mini-polaroid print by cosplayer Kasyou Roshieru (left) who has joined Kuroneko as model for this new campaign.

source: CAMPFIRE, Inc.

If you hurry, you can be one of the first 50 contributors to fund the shrine maiden loungewear at 8,440 JPY, a 15% discount from the full price.

Speaking of payment, one final improvement, this time not from MOCOLLE but from Campfire, the crowdfunding platform hosting their campaign, will surely be of interest to our readers outside of Japan. Whereas you needed to have a Japanese address to fund their campaign last year, this time you can fund their campaign from anywhere in the world. Campfire just announced on September 12 that it has teamed up with CoinCheck to provide settlement in Bitcoins from now on.

Please visit their campaign site for more details (in Japanese).

By - grape Japan editorial staff.