When it comes to nostalgic taste in Japan, you won't find many bigger names than sweets and snacks maker Morinaga. Their popular caramels were a childhood favorite of those in the Showa era, so much that they were turned into McShakes for a vintage success. One of the company's most well-known products, however, is their pancake mix, which has even inspired a maple syrup pancake hot spring in Japan. Now Morinaga is delivering their popular pancake mix flavor in two forms sure to be a sweet success: pancake flavored pudding and pancake flavored ice cream bars.

Japanese-style pudding is often compared to Flan or creme caramel, made from whole egg yolks and with a thick, but creamy custard taste. This special pancake flavor pudding (Hot Cake Style Pudding) uses a mix that contains the homemade flavor of Morinaga pancakes with wheat and butter, but the special attraction here is that the pudding comes packaged in a "twin cup" container. When you take off the lid of the cup, you'll simultaneously push a separated compartment forward that pours maple syrup over your pudding in one convenient motion.

The second product in this 60th-anniversary celebration release is a take on Morinaga's classic "Cheerio" ice cream bars. These ice cream bars contain a thick chocolate center, filled with pancake flavored ice cream and custard, and coated in a maple syrup flavored crunchy chocolate for an extra comforting taste.

Starting on October 3rd, both products will go on sale in convenience stores throughout Japan, with the pudding cup priced at 140 yen and the ice cream bar priced at 130 yen.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.