Matcha is probably one of the most recognized of Japanese flavors, even beyond Japanese borders. While it is a delight to sip matcha in the traditional style, sweets containing matcha are a more accessible way to enjoy the rich and concentrated powder. And while cakes, cookies, donuts, macarons and other varieties of sweets containing matcha continue to appear on Japanese store shelves, one combination stands out among all others as a perennial favorite with matcha lovers: matcha ice cream!

For example, ice cream giant Haagen Dazs created a bittersweet matcha crumble ice cream bar, Shizuoka-based gelato shop Nanaya prides itself on offering the darkest (and most intense) matcha ice cream in the world, and Oyaizu Seicha created a sensation when they topped matcha ice cream with gold leaf earlier this year.

Not ones to rest on their matcha-green laurels, Oyaizu Seicha, have now created a new sensation in the world of matcha sweets, available exclusively at their Gashoan Green Tea & Sweets Salons in Shizuoka Prefecture.

Introducing the "Matcha Sky Parfait," Japan's tallest matcha parfait!

Source: Oyaizu Seicha

This towering yet elegant tribute to matcha, with its pinnacle all of 32 centimeters (nearly 13 inches) high, is sure to impress when it reaches your table.

As you make your way down from the top, you will encounter: a crispy wafer, a whole chestnut, a layer of whipped cream, a green tea sablé shortbread cookie, a scoop of matcha ice cream, another layer of whipped cream, mixed berries, plain and matcha-flavored shiratama rice dumplings, a waffle cone, another layer of whipped cream, corn flakes, mixed berries, another layer of whipped cream, and finally, matcha kanten jelly!

All of this can be yours for 1,250 JPY if you visit either of Gashoan's three locations in Chiyoda, Miyatake or Yaizu Nishikogawa.

In addition to the Matcha Sky Parfait, you can also try Gashoan's signature dessert, the eponymous Gashoan Parfait:

Source: Oyaizu Seicha

Other desserts on their menu include the Special Gashoan Anmitsu

Source: Oyaizu Seicha

And the Special Gashoan Zenzai

Source: Oyaizu Seicha

With their amazing new parfait and their convenient locations (the main store at the company headquarters in Chiyoda is just 20 minutes from Shizuoka Station), Gashoan is definitely a stop you should include on your trip to Shizuoka Prefecture.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.