Japanese oddity and bookstore Village Vanguard has always been a hub for adventurous and themed roomwear and pajamas. In the past, their online shop has offered super comfy kimono pajamas, fairy tale character-themed pajamas, and even a Japanese schoolgirl outfit that doubles as a kotatsu. The store is turning its eyes to animals for its latest release, however, with these fluffy one piece bunny-eared pajamas.

During colder seasons in Japan, it's not uncommon to cozy up under the dangerously warming comfort of a kotatsu or more billowy pajamas to combat older houses or lack of central heating. These pajamas, called the "Rabbit Roomwear Fluffy One Piece", provide both warmth and cute style as the one-size-fits all pullover is made to be especially fluffy and comfy to wear around the house, and even brave the outdoors for Halloween or cosplay events.

Topped with a red bow, overall fluffy bunny motif, and a pull string for convenience, it may be the cutest way to lounge (or hop) around the house.

Village Vanguard's online shop, which unfortunately only ships for domestic order in Japan, is taking reservations with a shipping date for late September set, priced at 8,618 yen. Fortunately many of Village Vanguard's releases end up being made available on Amazon at a later date.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.