If you're an anime fan, or even just a film fan, you probably recognize what considerable praise it is for Makoto Shinkai's hit Your Name garnered to become the the highest-earning anime ever around the world, leapfrogging even Studio Ghibli's most celebrated films. Your Name was largely a hit due to its breathtakingly gorgeous animation and nostalgic feel. Now the animation studio behind the hit film, CoMix Wave, are teaming up with anime director Hisayuki Tabata to lend that charming touch to a beautiful anime short promoting Winter tourism in Canada.

Vancouver, Toronto, Abraham Lake, Banff, Canadian Rockies, Niagara Falls and other scenic sights are on display in an anime short appropriately titled "Warm Winter Canada", which promotes Winter tourism in Canada for the Japanese market in conjuction with Destination Canada.

You don't need to know any Japanese to understand, but the website explains the story of a young man named Miyazaki Yuuya, who has a quiet and gentle exterior but actually is an avid backpacker. For the first time ever, he invites his girlfriend Koumi Satsuki along with him. Together in Canada, they meet people and experience beautiful things beyond their imagination, and find that Winter in Canada is actually quite warming.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.