Over the past few years, Japan has seen some muscle-themed "manly-man" services that seek to be crowd pleasers with women from muscle-troupe Macho 29 (the 29 is a play on "muscle" or "meat" in Japanese). These exist mostly in the form of pop-up services such as Macho Nikuya, where shirtless macho men suggestively grill meat for you, or a special service where they break your ex-boyfriend's items for you in a moment of sexy catharsis. "Muscular performance group" ALL OUT, from Kyushuu, prefers to let fans rent them out and treat them to their muscular services as a a personal buff stud for the day.

ALL OUT is most famous for their Muscle Cafe, which originally was only open for a limited event, but has become a regular attraction. At it, guests could enjoy a "muscle merry-go round", having shirtless staff squeeze you fresh juice while showing off their muscles, and being carried around like a princess. Now the group is promoting services beyond the cafe that includes renting them out to promote and interact with guests at PR events, festivals, screenings, and parties. While their services seem more geared toward commercial events and exciting audiences with their muscles, they focus on interacting with guests, even attending holiday events in cosplay and providing services directly toward pleasing the crowd.

They recently held a "Muscle Ferris Wheel" event, where a trio of beefy studs would pose with and accompany guests during a ride on Odaiba's Ferris Wheel--which of course includes a "muscle touch" service.

Should event guests be too tired or be attending something scary like Japan's Abandoned Hospital Haunted House, ALL OUT is more than happy to carry them around with their "princess carry" service.

For events such as Halloween/Christmas parties, and even conventions, they show up in appropriate cosplay.

For their muscle, fitness, and martial arts performances, they even let you ride them while they do push-ups.

Or if you need your mochi pounded, they will happily help out with that as well.

While their attendance for such events requires private contact, you can find info on their own promotional events (such as the currently ended Ferris Wheel Service) and Muscle Cafe dates (currently scheduled for Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka, and Tokyo) at their website.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.