This year has seen much talk of live action adaptations of popular anime, with U.S. productions of One Piece and Cowboy Bebop lined up, and Fullmetal Alchemist approaching on the Japanese side of things. So it should come as no surprise that Makoto Shinkai's critically acclaimed Your Name, the highest-grossing anime film of all time, is now receiving the live action treatment courtesy of J.J. Abrams.

Since it's 2016 release in Japan, Your Name (君の名は) has enchanted audiences and smashed box-office records in Japan, and will now be headed to the silver screen, announced by Paramount and Bad Robot. J.J. Abrams and Lindsey Weber will be producing for Bad Robot alongside Genki Kawamura of the original fim, and the script is to be penned by Academy Award-nominated Eric Heisserer (Arrival), reports Oricon News and Business Wire.

Original director Makoto Shinkai commented, saying "Your Name is a film assembled using our local imagination and domestic technology as people living in Japan. For such a work to cross over to Hollywood, it might just show audiences new possibilities. While expecting very much of it, we are looking forward to the completion of the film."

Original producer also commented, saying "“Just like in the film it feels like a dream. Mr. Abrams and his team have captivated audiences in their masterful reinvention of known properties. And Mitsuha and Taki have found a perfect narrator, Mr. Heisserer, to tell their sci-fi-infused love story, which gave the film such drive. The meetings so far have been creatively stimulating with fantastic ideas that no doubt will make for a great movie. I am greatly honored to work with these incredible creators in bringing to audiences the Hollywood live-action version of YOUR NAME.”"

Here is the trailer for the original anime film, which tells the story of Taki, a city boy, and country-girl Mitsuha who mysteriously switch bodies in their dreams, leading them on a quest to find the much bigger and dramatic reason behind this phenomenon, as well as a consuming desire to find one another and ask "What's your name?"

By - grape Japan editorial staff.