You've probably heard of virtual anime girl and popular YouTuber Kizuna Ai, who has steadily gained a following for her gaming livestreams, vlogs and her cute expressions and reactions.

Now, she's about to get some competition and her name is Yua Fujisaki, or YUA.

source: Exys Inc.

Since there aren't too many virtual anime girls with their own YouTube channel, you could be forgiven for thinking that Kizuna Ai got an upgrade, but this is a completely new virtual personality.

Billed as a "digital YouTuber," YUA is the first creation from Exys Inc.'s newly established Digital Youtuber Operations branch which aims to create personalities by combining motion capture technology with the Unity game engine. Her digital rendering will be handled by Digital Frontier Inc., the company responsible for the full 3DCG movie Gantz:O and the current anime series featuring the main four superheroes from Tatsunoko Productions, Infini-T Force.

But enough about the technology behind the scenes. Let's find out who she is.

You can also view her first broadcast from Oct. 4

As you'll be able to see from her website, Yua-chan is a high school student living in Tokyo who started YouTube because she wants to talk to people around the world and make new friends.

She's fond of games, anime, idols, cute girls, fortune-telling and "fluffy things," and dislikes ghosts, squid, octopus and milk. Her skills are apparently sleeping and drawing.

She is 159 cm (5'3"), or just slightly above average in Japan, her blood type is A, she's a Virgo, and her birthday is today, October 4, which happens to be the launch date for her YouTube channel!

source: Exys Inc.

If Yua-chan in this poster board displayed at her debut event at the Tokyo Game Show is dressed up like she jumped right out of an idol group, that's because her lovely outfit was designed by none other than Shinobu Kayano of Osare Company Inc., general manager and main stylist for AKB48.

Be sure to check her YouTube channel to watch further episodes and, as she says in her announcement video above, you can let her know if there are any challenges you want her to take or have any other comments.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.