It'd be a bit unfair to label all hospital food as slop or totally unappealing, but it sure feels like the image of unappetizing food in hospitals has at least earned some of its reputation. This is partly due to the grueling demands of a hospital, but also because some hospitals forbid their cooks from tasting the food they prepare. As imgur user Hahahah1111111 will attest, however, Japanese hospital food doesn't face such an unappetizing image.

Reflecting a change that Japan made in school lunches following World War II called the School Lunch Act, which partly focuses on making cafeteria lunches deliver nutritional education, Japanese hospital meals are designed to give patients a fully balanced nutritional serving to help aid in recovery. Hahahah1111111 recently gave birth while in Japan and was apparently so pleasantly surprised by the quality of the hospital food she was provided with that she took a picture of every meal. Each photo shows off not only some delicious-looking Japanese classics, but aesthetically pleasing balanced meals as well.

Among the meals provided at the hospital are omurice (omelette rice, a Japanese favorite), soba noodles, sea bream, and even fried fish with tartar sauce--with plenty of vegetables to boot, of course. Be sure to scroll through the entire album. While some of it may seem rather plain, the balance between recovery-based nutrition and craving-satisfying food is perfect for making a hospital stay that much easier.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.