Japan has had its share of unique and surprising collaborations between food manufacturers and manga, anime, characters, or films. We've seen examples such as Cup Noodles teaming up with Final Fantasy XV for a unique promotion, Ghibli Studios and tea retailer Lupicia getting together to offer tea in decorated tins, and Morinaga collaborating with Rilakkuma for a Valentine's Day chocolate cake. However, sometimes these collaborations can get a bit far-fetched. Nicolas Cage recently being featured on an Umaibo snack comes to mind.

Well, Morinaga Milk's latest collaboration with shojo manga masterpiece The Rose of Versailles is about as far-fetched as they get. To promote a three-day challenge campaign for Mainichi Sokai (which translates as "feeling refreshed every day"), a yogurt combining their patented BB536 bifidobacteria with 4,000 mg of lactulose to offer improved regularity for people who suffer from frequent constipation, they asked series creator Riyoko Ikeda to draw up a short spinoff story in three parts, casting Oscar, Marie Antoinette and Andre in a melodrama of epic proportions.

In a somewhat unsubtle pun, Morinaga's catch phrase for the campaign, "Derusaiyu no Bara - A Three Day Yogurt Revolution" takes "Beru" from Berusaiyu no Bara, the original title of The Rose of Versailles in Japanese, and changes it to "Deru," meaning "come out."

Let's take a look at how the drama unfolds on their special campaign website, with a bit of assistance from the episode summary provided in their press release.

Episode 1: Blessings and Destiny

Marie Antoinette is appointed by Morinaga Milk's PR manager as image character for their new product, "Mainichi Sokai Yogurt." Utterly charmed by Marie Antoinette, the PR manager excitedly praises her, comparing her to "intestinal flora in full bloom."

Meanwhile, learning that the yogurt is effective in a mere three days, Marie Antoinette's mother holds her head in her hands in consternation over her lifelong struggle with constipation.

Episode 2: A Feigned Maiden's Heart

Lured by the promise of quick results, Oscar signs up for Mainichi Sokai's campaign. Andre, however, upon seeing Oscar's face, is uncertain of whether or not she achieved her desired result. Unable to restrain his curiosity, he asks her the question. To this, Oscar blurts out in outrage: "If I did, I wouldn't be suffering like this. How could you possibly understand a maiden's heart trying desperately to feign calm so as not to let on that she has yet to achieve results?!" Andre is at a loss for words.

Episode 3: At Destiny's Door

At last, Oscar has a premonition of imminent results after three days of frustration. She rushes to find a bathroom so as not to miss this chance, frantically asking her attendants where she can "plant her flowers," in reference to a common euphemism. Successful in her mission, she is finally emancipated and the waves of relief are so forceful that they literally dislodge stones from the castle's walls.

Thanks to the three-day revolution achieved through Mainichi Sokai, the citizens may not have obtained liberty, equality and fraternity, but they certainly have obtained relief and regularity.

The entire manga is viewable on their dedicated website. If you live in Japan, you can also participate in the three-day campaign challenge and enter a drawing to experience your own "inner revolution" with a week's stock of Mainichi Sokai yogurt.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.