The original classic Pocky may have just been a simple chocolate pretzel stick, but the worldwide love the flagship Japanese snack enjoys has seen Pocky expand to a lineup of countless delicious (and often adventurous) flavors. Perhaps inspired by a trend of bars and restaurants serving Pocky in dark beers and alongside cocktails, however, recently Glico has released Champagne-flavored Pocky, and most notably, an "Adult Pocky" made to be paired with whisky. Now Glico is adding a special new vino-inspired Pocky to their adult flavored lineup with Goddess’s Ruby Pocky, designed to be paired with red wine.

Truth be told, you could probably enjoy a glass (or bottle) of red wine with just about any Pocky flavor, but Glico is spicing up Goddess’s Ruby with a boat of ingredients perfect for pairing with your favorite glass of the red stuff. Replacing the standard chocolate is a bitter type of chocolate flavored with three types of berries, and the pretzel portion of the stick is kneaded with black pepper, cheddar cheese, and cloves for a more versatile complement to the variety of layered red wine flavors.

Much like the Adult Amber whisky flavored Pocky, Goddess's Ruby is being made available for order on Amazon, where they are priced at 998 yen for a special packing with six bags each. Now you can nibble on Pocky and feel classy about it.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.