Of all the classics legendary director Hayao Miyazaki has overseen for the much revered Studio Ghibli, it's My Neighbor Totoro that most fans seem to reference with a sense of charm and nostalgia, which has come to make give it the status of one of his mostly fondly remembered works. Fortunately, taking that stroll down memory lane isn't just limited to re-watching the film and playing the soundtrack--although you might have to take a trip for this alternative method. There's actually a sequel to the beloved childhood romp My Neighbor Totoro titled Mei and the Kittenbus.

If the scenes in the above tweet by @33kitta don't ring a bell, that's because you'd have to be a pretty dedicated, or at least well-traveled Studio Ghibli fan to see them. As @33kitta writes, "So most people don't know there's a sequel to Totoro "Mei and the Kittenbus"." User responses to the Tweet, as well as a poll in the top comment, confirm that to be true. The only way (well, official way) to watch the short feature sequel is to do so at the Studio Ghibli Museum in Mitaka, Tokyo.

If you've been to the Studio Ghibli Museum, you might know that Studio Ghibli animated shorts (some by Miyazaki himself) are regularly screened in their theater. However, the short being screened is rotated out each month. Fortunately, you can check the Museum's website to see what is playing during the time of your visit (or plan your visit accordingly). From November 1st to 30th, the Totoro sequel will be playing.

The plot of the short film, fittingly written and directed by Miyazaki himself, is summarized below courtesy of the Studio Ghibli wikia.

This film begins in Mei's house two months after her mother returns from the hospital. Mei goes outside to a little stone hill and watches the skies. When she ate a Japanese cookie, a whirlwind suddenly came spinning her dress. It turns out to be the kittenbus. The kittenbus is scared and tries to escape the room at first, but bonds with Mei after she gives him a cookie to eat with her. The catbus shows up, and Mei opens a window to let the kittenbus follow the catbus into the air. Later that night, the kittenbus takes Mei for a ride. Along the way, they spot the catbus, which is filled with spirits like Totoro. Another catbus pulls up beside them, and soon even more follow, all filled with Totoro-like spirits. The catbuses drop their passengers off, and the kittenbus drops Mei off with them. The spirits move apart to reveal Totoro, who is very happy to see her. Mei hops onto his chest and he takes her to a giant, ancient catbus that is being boarded by the spirits. The kittenbus appears on his head. Mei feeds him another one of her cookies, which makes him very happy. He gives Mei a lick and she licks him back. The giant catbus leaves while Totoro stays behind. Mei and the kittenbus follow them for a while, then return to Mei's house.

The Studio Ghibli Museum is well known for being very crowded and popular, and thus it is suggested to get tickets in advance. Their website has a detailed guide on how to do so.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.