TENGA, Japan's most recognizable masturbatory aid (it's basically a Fleshlight), comes in a variety of forms. Outside of the traditional series, which has a lineup offering models such as Deep Throat, Rolling Head, Premium Vacuum, and even an "American Size". TENGA also offers stretchable eggs, menthol goods, and aerostimulation-based models, and just recently released their own sexual energy drink to "prepare you for a big night".

Now TENGA is doing something you might not expect, and might actually fear, of an adult goods maker. They're getting into the culinary business with their very own adult toy TENGA Curry Stand!

Well, it's just for one day as a pop-up shop limited to 100 meals served, but it's certainly not often that you combine sex toys and curry. If you're scratching your head trying to find a link between a masturbation prop and spicy curry, here it is: TENGA is releasing a model of their product called the HOT TENGA, which utilizes a "Quick Warmer" system which provides its users with an, um, comforting warmth. To promote and celebrate that, they are offering up a super spicy HOT TENGA Curry challenge.

Customers who can finish a serving of curry in four minutes--with no water served or allowed during the meal--will be rewarded with their very own HOT TENGA and a meal on the house (it's 1,000 if you fail). The reason for the 4 minute time limit? The HOT TENGA apparently takes four minutes to warm up to 45 degrees (C)--a new proposed way to spend waiting for masturbation.

The actual curry is said to use especially spicy Jamaican peppers that are blinding when in contact with the eye, so the no water stipulation appears to be a challenge. The challenge will take place October 22nd, from 12:00-3:00 PM or until all stock is depleted. The location is standing drink bar "Tachinomi Todoka", a two minute walk from Gotanda station in Tokyo. Access information can be found here.

If you win and don't particularly need a TENGA, try turning it into a Gundam.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.