When it comes to going out for Halloween in Japan, Shibuya is usually the place that draws most of the attention worldwide for the throngs of costumed revelers who turn out. We've seen amazing costumes and marveled at the crazy crowds before.

But since last year, there's been another amazing location to enjoy Halloween, and that's Kabukicho! Although traditionally a red-light district and entertainment district where restaurants and pubs share space with night clubs, host clubs, cabaret clubs and karaoke bars, ever since the Toho Cinemas building opened in 2015, together with its family-oriented restaurants and shops, the outer area of the neighborhood has changed its image and foreign tourists, even families with children are seen visiting, even at night.

At Halloween time, however, it's best to keep the kids at home because that's when the denizens of Kabukicho, the hosts and clubgoers, as well as drag queens from the neighboring Ni-chome area have themselves a Halloween party like no other, dressing up in elaborate and expensive costumes (especially the hosts, some of whom earn a small fortune) with professional makeup, clubbing and partying all night long and generally having the time of their lives! These parties have always been a mostly private celebration for the community to enjoy among themselves.

Fortunately for fun-loving tourists, on October 20th, 2017, Kabukicho-style Halloween is going public in a big way!

source: (C) Kabukicho Halloween Executive Committee

Introducing "Kabukicho Halloween Music Circuit"!

source: (C) Kabukicho Halloween Executive Committee

Six clubs are joining forces to combine six separate dance / party events all happening simultaneously and all night from Friday to Saturday morning. Live music events, DJ events spinning hip-hop, J-pop, anime songs and EDM, karaoke events, crossdressing events, fashion shows, and more, all wrapped up in one amazing party!

source: (C) Kabukicho Halloween Executive Committee

You can skip to the official website and reserve your ticket at the reservation page now or keep reading for details.

Participating Events

source: (C) Kabukicho Halloween Executive Committee

Kabuki Surfer at Loft

An all-genre dance party at the famous Loft club

Lineup: Public Musume, YOCO ORGAN, Seno Sister, Nishi Shinjuku Panties, Techno Wolf, Zeitaku Holidays, RAP BRAINS, yoimatsuri, Panda Keiko, motherfucko and more.

source: (C) Kabukicho Halloween Executive Committee

PariPism at SCIENCE

A subculture sexy dance party event, PariPism is known for throwing amazing parties, even DJ parties on a boat cruising Yokohama Bay.

Lineup: Special Guest DJs: BANBANBAN Sameshima, Jun Miyazawa, Rin Ayase, Komugiko, Nishono Show

Regular lineup: DJs: Mineoka, Maron, Dychu. VJs: Mekatsu, Wan.

source: (C) Kabukicho Halloween Executive Committee

Nuts!! at BUMP

Oldies all-genre DJ party from 90s to 2000s, including anisong, TV drama songs, video games, and more!

Lineup: DJs: k, TcK, Daisuke, Paja, Sa bain, Kameo, Odolyman, HALCA. VJs: Mani, Uni.

source: (C) Kabukicho Halloween Executive Committee

"Halloween Special" Ani-pop Lounge at Kabuki Lounge

Upbeat anisongs and J-pop

Lineup: DJ Tatsuta, 8ronix, Hayato Delarossa, dai-chan, Natsumi

Drag Queens: Namie Aromu

source: (C) Kabukicho Halloween Executive Committee

RAAR Haro at Tropical Lounge

Usually a gender-free fashion party, this marks their first DJ event. In addition to a dance floor, you can enjoy a fashion contest and a photo booth too.

Lineup: Renatch, NAOMI HONDA, YUNA, RayTrak, ZIL, IORI. VJ: Natalia, VJ Nan.

source: (C) Kabukicho Halloween Executive Committee

Kara Baka in KabuHallo at Le Castel

All-you-can-sing karaoke event. All you can drink and sing for only JPY 2,000. All-you-can-grab candy too!

source: (C) Kabukicho Halloween Executive Committee

All throughout the evening, you'll catch sight of zombies, drag queens, and as special guests, Miyako and the ishokuhada girls!

source: (C) Kabukicho Halloween Executive Committee

Here's your map to guide you as you navigate your way through the six venues!

Extra Venue

If you want to get yourself made up in special Halloween fashion (JPY 1,000 to 3,000), relax to DJ Ayumide spinning chill tracks or use changing rooms if you brought your own costume, stop by the newly opened Music Bar O2 (Oxygen).

For those who come early, there will be special prizes if you complete a stamp rally and visit all six venues! Please go to the club SCIENCE to get your stamp card. The first 50 partygoers to complete 4 stamps will be able to take home a Tenga sex toy

Important Details

The party runs from 11pm to 5am, Friday to Saturday.

Tickets are JPY 3,000 if you buy them in advance here, or JPY 3,500 if you purchase them at the door.

Finally, if you can't attend the party in person, it will be streaming live on Fresh!, NicoNico Douga and Periscope! Search for the #カブハロ hashtag on Twitter for details!

All details are on the official Kabukicho Halloween Music Circuit website!

By - Ben K.