There are so many ways of accessorizing your smartphone these days, and Japan has seen its share of cute and creative options. For example, there have been charger plugs in the shape of Pikachu's butt, kitties that cling to your earphone cables, smartphone pouches that make you feel like you're rubbing a shiba dog's tummy and smartphone cases that make it look like you buried your phone in a dish of Japanese food.

Now, there's a new smartphone accessory that appeals to the sensitivities of those who enjoy Japanese domestic culture, fans of Showa Era lifestyles, and perhaps even foreigners who may feel nostalgic for their homestay experiences living with a Japanese family.

Kyutaro Karakuriya, who sells his hand-made creations on his online shop, Kanekyu Shoten on the Japanese online shopping platform The Base, has created a smartphone charging cable that looks exactly like the electric cord of a kotatsu, a low, wooden table frame covered by a heavy blanket, upon which a table top sits, and a fixture in many Japanese homes. The cord connects the electric heating unit under the table to the electric outlet and has an on/off switch.

iPhone version

As you can see, the iPhone version has a male lightning plug and a male USB plug, comes in white and black, and has an on/off switch. The striped white and red cord housing, the on/off switch and the plug connector ends all faithfully reproduce the look of a kotatsu electric cord.

Android version

The Android version has a male micro USB plug in the place of a lightning plug to charge up your Android smartphone.

If you are interested in getting one for yourself, they range in price from JPY 2,150 to JPY 3,800.

Also, please note that Kyutaro Karakuriya isn't currently taking any orders (although this may change in the future) nor can he ship his products outside of Japan.

After he began selling his kotatsu smartphone cables, they went viral and the story was picked up by various Japanese news sites such as IT Media's NetLab. Interestingly, although the inventor originally wanted to market his cable as a "crazy" idea with a niche appeal, it seems that the majority of users on social media thought of his cables as "kawaii" and his inbox was flooded with inquiries.

Let's keep our fingers crossed in the hopes that he will find a way to make his kawaii kotatsu cables available once again. Check in on his online store to keep track of the situation.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.