Source: @orikopotos

This Shiba Inu Does The Cutest Tricks

Shiba inu never cease to amaze us and melt our hearts with their adorable antics, mishaps, cute expressions and all sorts of canine cahoots. People enjoy showing theirs off on the internet every day and inventive owners show their love for their furry friends by making things like shiba inu head and butt dumplings and stretchable mini shiba inu face toys.

So, little did it surprise when we found this suddenly going viral on the Japanese internet. Twitter user @orikopotos recorded her shiba doing the cutest thing on command. See for yourself:

---"I want you to look at this trick. My dog is just too smart!"

Just so you know, "pero" means "lick" and "wan" means "woof" in Japanese. So, essentially, her shiba can stick out its tongue and pull it back in a flash and give a tiny bark on command! At the time of writing, the tweet has already garnered over 97,000 likes and has been retweeted over 42,000 times!

Sometimes, it's the tiniest and silliest of tricks that make us fall in love with shiba inu all over again.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.