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Japan Holds A Ninja Certification Test

On October 22nd, Koka, a rural city in Shiga prefecture that sports a rich history of ninja, will be holding a certification test for the Koka-ryu (sometimes called Koga-ryu) school of ninjutsu.

Since 2008, the test has been held in Koka, home to the famous 500 year-old clan of ninja, but 2017 will mark the certification test's first time venturing to Tokyo. The test will be held at Zozoji Temple, a temple of the Tokugawa Shogunate (Tokugawa Ieyasu was said to have successfully escaped Kyoto once with the help of ninja.) While the Koka school of ninjutsu teaches skils in disguise, poison, explosives, and concealment, this test will actually focus on quizzing applicants on their knowledge of the Koka ninja clan, as well as fictional ninja works--meaning your Naruto fandom may come in handy.

The test lasts thirty minutes and offer 50 multiple choice questions. A score over 60 is considered passing, but applicants can actually boost their score by sitting through the exam in a ninja costume and demonstrating shuriken (ninja throwing star) skills!

Descendants of the Koka ninja, as well as ninja researchers, will be on hand to give a presentation on the clan and school of ninjutsu, as well as answer questions. The test will be held on October 22nd, from 9:00 AM, and can be taken by applicants from fifth grade and up. An application form is available here, although the test is all in Japanese.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.