Cats have a bit of a reputation for giving attention to the toys you buy them on their own terms (read: ignoring them), but recently Okawa City in Fukuoka prefecture, known for its local craftsmanship, has launched a campaign that may satisfy even the most apathetic of felines. Okawa city is home to Okawa Kagu (Okawa Furniture), a collective of furniture and interior design artists, two of which have offered up their talents in traditional crafts and designs--Hiromatsu Furniture and Tateno Mokuzai--to create a lineup of fine quality furniture for cats.

Featured in this series of promotional videos are bedroom and living room sets, which feature sofas, beds, tables, and even windows perfectly sized for lounging kitties. The goal of the promotion is to show off the level of furniture craftsmanship found in Okawa, as the designers made no alternations to their usual craft techniques other than to reduce the scale to a feline-friendly size. The narration in the video suggests that if the hardworking designers and crafts-workers of Okawa can satisfy even fickle and egotistical cats with their furniture, than just about anyone will find them to be a perfect fit in their home.

Unfortunately, these high quality cat furniture sets are not available for commercial release as the moment. And while there is no guarantee they will be, a very positive reaction and comments from users wishing them to be a reality has led to rumors of the living room and bedroom lines being released. While Hiromatsu Furniture and Tateno Mokuzai may eventually make them available in their interior design shops (and those very interested in the product can contact them directly), it's also being said that they could be had in the future via a Hometown Tax system where local communities (Okawa City and Okawa Kagu in this case) reward those who make donations with gifts.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.