When developing products for its Cat Cub collection of feline-themed goods, Japanese retailer Felissimo tends to actually get pretty hands on in research, which has led it to trotting out eccentric goods such as scratch-and-sniff stickers that smell like cat bellies and kitty milk bath powder. When they aren't consulting with companies for adventurous development purposes, they survey their fans on social media for product ideas. Back in June, they sent out a request asking for pictures of black cats that appear to be wearing white panties. Fast forward to this week, and it's become apparent why they sent out such a bizarre request.

Although not Felissimo's first attempt at cat underwear, it appears they were in search of some realistic models for their newest "Become a Cat" series release. Their new Black Cat Underwear comes in the form of an elastic and warming haramaki, a Japanese garment that wraps around the stomach to provide some extra heat, but also have a niche fashion appeal. As you can see, they are designed with a triangular patch of white "fur" to give the aesthetic of the cat photo they based it off of. Of course, on humans, it rather comically falls in the crotch area.

It's currently only available on Felissimo's Japanese site, but their online retail site should have it up for order soon, where it will be priced at 1,454 yen with a portion of that being donated to a cast rescue organization.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.