Did you ever think that people just don't hold their umbrellas wrong?

Well, Twitter user haniho_stamp(@kutel4) always thought so. Especially so, since he is belonephobic - things pointing at him really gets on his nerves.

So he decided to create an illustration to show the sort of 'umbrella holding' that bothers him.

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For people with belonephobia, closed umbrellas on a rainy day is a cause for fear. I wish they make this illustration into a poster and put it in stations across Japan.

Japanese Twitter users were ecstatic with this illustration.

- I felt discomfort whenever people hold their umbrellas as if they are going to hit people.

- I always had the urge to ask people about this, but it's difficult.

- I hope this helps people think about how umbrellas could actually be harmful.

So is there a better way to hold them?

Thankfully, honiho_stamp also created an illustration for this.

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Although one cannot be certain of the best way to hold an umbrella, but an illustration like this helps one think about it.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.