Even though it tends to be a bit overstated at times, you probably don't need much convincing to realize that Japan is very open to some truly bizarre and out-there promotional campaigns. Bookstore and oddity shop Village Vanguard can be particularly ambitious in this regard, having just recently released KFC-scented bathing salts and pajamas that turn you into a Japanese breakfast set. Their latest endeavor rather transparently relies on the sense of perverse humor of those who buy it, though, as they are all set to release a "Leftover Bathwater Drink."

The "mysterious" beverage comes in both man and woman character varieties, but in all honesty, only the label appears to be different. Both characters seem to be playing to an often-marketed otaku fetish of rejection, with both characters telling you not to drink their bathwater and calling you crazy. One reason so that is the product is a total gag. The label itself reminds you that it's a joke item, but Village Vanguard also clarifies that it's "actually not bathwater, but tasty mineral water--but that won't stop your imagination". As you can see, Village Vanguard is asking customers buy your everyday bottled water (albeit with a special label) and rely on their imagination and, uh, longing to drink someone's used bathwater. But if that's your thing anyway, it's quite possible you were willing to put in the imaginative effort to begin with.

Village Vanguard is taking orders (priced at 324 yen) on their online shop.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.