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These Doggies Are So Cute You Could Eat Them

It seems we can never grow tired of cute dogs, whether they're real shiba dogs striking sexy poses or putting on funny faces, corgis wagging their butts, or as charming shiba figurines.

And then there are those who think doggies are so cute they could eat them, so they make shiba inu face and butt dango dumplings or they do what Japanese illustrator, author, manga artist, and LINE stamp designer Moja Cookie (@mojacookie) did to commemorate Dog Day, November 1.

With this tweet, which has over 64,000 likes and nearly 31,000 retweets at the time of writing, Moja Cookie posted four of the most adorable illustrations:

---"The top four of our restaurant's popular Wan Coin Lunch plates"

November 1 is Dog Day in Japan because the date can be read as one-one-one, and "wan" is the standard Japanese onomatopoeia for barking. Therefore, Moja Cookie's "Wan Coin Lunch plates" is a cute play on words with "one coin lunch," a popular phrase describing lunch options you can enjoy for the price of a single 500-yen coin.

Now we'd like to whet your appetite by showing you each illustration wan by wan...

reposted with permission: @mojacookie

Corg-uini with tomato and mushroom sauce

reposted with permission: @mojacookie

Hamburger with tomato and pom-esan cheese

reposted with permission: @mojacookie

Omelette with rice served with a shiba-sil leaf garnish (ok, that one was stretching it)...

reposted with permission: @mojacookie

Corgi Croque Madame (grilled sandwich with cheese and ham over corgi moony-side up)

Moja Cookie has been drawing this series of Wan Coin Lunch plate illustrations for some time, and was selling them most recently at the Design Festa Vol. 45 in late May. If you'd like to enjoy more illustrations, please visit Moja Cookie's website and follow @mojacookie on Twitter.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.