Karaoke is still one of Japan's favorite leisure activities, so it comes as no surprise that karaoke system companies are always looking for ways to make it more exciting. For example, earlier this year, we saw a "nude karaoke" feature from JoySound whereby good singing is rewarded with images of nude women.

Karaoke establishments have also kept up with the times, with comfortable rooms, menu items, food ordering systems, specially decorated theme-based rooms and extra features galore. A recent trend is karaoke establishments that also combine other activities. For example, Kansai-based karaoke retailer Jumbo Karaoke Hiroba introduced bouldering karaoke two years ago at the chain's location in Kawaharacho, Kyoto.

Now, the same location is again breaking ground with a new and unexpected combination: karaoke and skateboarding!

From Borukara to Skekara

Since the bouldering karaoke ("borukara") idea worked out so well for Jumbo Karaoke Hiroba (affectionately known by locals as "Jankara"), they have expanded it since then to four locations in Kansai. The directors were looking for something new, and with skateboarding having been officially accepted as a sport for the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, skateboard karaoke seemed to be the perfect idea! Thus "skekara" (skateboarding + karaoke) was born.

The skateboarding ramp is installed in a large karaoke room with a bar counter (free drinks), two large-screen projectors and two monitors. One side of the room is in reinforced glass so people outside can see the skateboarding action.

Skateboards, helmets and protective pads and shoes can all be rented out or you can bring in your own skateboard or mini-cruiser (no in-line skates or BMX bikes allowed). You're also allowed to bring in your own music player or equipment to throw a skateboarding party. Somehow, I doubt people will try to actually sing and skate at the same time, but you're welcome to try.

Opening Events and Promotions

Date: November 10 (Fri), 17:30-20:30

Event: Pro skater demonstration and DJ event with complimentary food and drinks

Artists: Fresh Dude Crew / DJ ALISHA / DJ FLIP / MC DCA

Date: November 12 (Sun), 12:00-15:30

Event: Skateboard Karaoke Experience Day: Free Skateboard lesson

From Nov 10 to 23

Promotion: Skateboard Karaoke for Free (normal rental fee waived)

Normal fee from November 24 is the same as a standard karaoke room.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.