November 8th is unofficially "nice boobs day" in Japan. 11 (for November), looks like いい(good/nice)and 8 is pretty self-explanatory, so here's a topical story.

You may remember Erina Kamiya of masked Japanese idol group Kamen Joshi (who rather infamously collaborated with a karaage chain to release idol girl sweat flavored fried chicken), from her popular demonstration on how to get undressed as quickly as possible. Outside of being a vocalist for the idol unit, Kamiya is known for her cheerful personality, cosplay antics, and her ample bust, which she claims is a G-cup.

She's decided to put her chest to the test by taking on the challenge of kawara-wari, or smashing through roof tiles in karate hands free. That, of course, means attempting to split a stack of roof tiles using only her breasts. Check out the video to see just how Kamiya tackles this tiles using only her breasts rather...enthusiastically.

At first she tries it with only one breast and fails, and then tries striking it again full-chested...and fails. Even after trying to manipulate things by spreading the tables beneath the stack apart, her mighty chest is no match for the stack of roof tiles. Fortunately she has a backup plan, and is able to break all but one tile by striking the stack with her butt!

It may come off as a promotional stunt, but there's at least some method to this boob-breaking madness. Japanese television has recently been airing segments featuring idols and Japanese female professional wrestlers attempting tile breaking, often to comedic effect. Kamiya cites a recent successful attempt by idol Nanaka Kawamura as her motivation for putting a spin on the challenge.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.