Twitter user Fukurafuku made a surprising revelation about his 9-month-old ragdoll cat Fuku. In the span of only three months, Fuku-chan's chest area seems to have gone up a few sizes!

Ragdolls are known for their soft silky semi-long hair, but this growth came as a surprise to Fuku-chan's owner.

Perhaps because November 11 is "Beautiful Chest Day" in Japan (because the number 11 can be read "i-i" which sounds like the word for "good", and the number eight turned sideways looks like two breasts), Fukurafuku's November 5 tweet saw a boost today, with 67,000 likes and 32,500 retweets at time of writing.

Let's take a better look at these before and after pictures:

Here is Fuku-chan in August looking decidedly slim.

And here is Fuku-chan now, looking considerably more full-chested

The fullness can be attributed to the ragdoll's beautiful coat, growing more luxuriously in the colder months. However, one commenter pointed out that the body region in question wasn't the chest at all:

---"That's ruff fur! I also called it chest fur until recently lol (Fuku's) is quite impressive."

With all this talk about chest size, Fuku-chan probably has enough of all the attention and would appreciate a bit of privacy now. Fortunately, his owner has made a cozy cardboard box just for that purpose. (The writing in magic marker says: "Private nya")

By - grape Japan editorial staff.