A favourite among expats in Japan, Kaiten-zushi (conveyor belt sushi) is incredibly good value for money. Most well-known chains such as Sushiro and Hamazushi churn out sushi-goodness for the dainty price of $1 per plate.

Tuna Nigiri Sushi from Kappa Sushi

Source: PR Times

Literally no one has ever complained about the price of these restaurants. But all the same, the sushi gods have seen fit to bestow us cheapskates with an even better deal.

Well known chain, Kappa Sushi is now offering an hour-long sushi binge for limited time only. The idea was trialed a couple of times in selected restaurants earlier this year and was so popular that they’ve finally made it available in every branch.

All you can eat sushi menu

Source: PR Times

Once you are seated you can feast on as much as you want, choosing from a menu of over 80 items. Not restricted to sushi, there’s also unlimited side dishes such as udon and fries as well as several desserts.The price is 1580 yen (about $15) for men and ladies can overindulge at the even cheaper price of 1380 yen.

Patrons of this blowout have been sharing photos of their towering plates on Instagram with pride.

But before you rush out the door, there’s some restrictions to be aware of. The all you can eat menu is only available on weekdays between 2pm and 5pm. An online reservation is necessary, which can be carried out on the Kappa Sushi website or app.

Sadly, all good things must come to an end and the all you can eat menu is only available until November 22nd. On the bright side, Kappa Sushi are planning to roll out a new lunch menu next year which will hopefully appeal to us tight-fisted sushi enthusiasts.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.