November 8th is unofficially "nice boobs day" in Japan. 11 (for November), looks like いい(good/nice)and 8 is pretty self-explanatory. Although another possible reading is 1(い) 1(い) 0(おっ)8(ぱい) resembling "oppai", the Japanese word for boobs. Regardless of the linguistic origins, Japanese social media loves to run with unofficial holidays, as it presents an opportunity for models, cosplayers, and even idols to dress up and post pictures that celebrate the theme of the day, whether it be sexy bunnies or cutesy maids.

Now that "Nice Boobs" day has struck in Japan, girls and guys are coming out to celebrate in droves with pictures of their chests--including Kamiya Erina, who famously tried to smash a stack of roof tiles with her G-cup breasts, and Jun Amaki, a model who might have the most famous breasts in Japan. Use the hashtag #いいおっぱいの日 to find more.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.