While Okayama might not make it to people's itinerary when traveling to Japan, it's actually one of the must-visit places in the country.

The region is blessed with beautiful food, scenery and culture. Many of its features you can only enjoy in Okayama.

Enjoy both the mountainous and oceanic view

Northern side of Okayama are mountainous region of the Chugoku region, while the southern side is a plateau. Because of this varied geography, you can enjoy some of the best views in Japan.

Look out the beautiful Setonai sea from the mountain

Seto-Ohashi, the 10-km-long bridge that connects Shikoku Island and the mainland, begins from Okayama. And the best spot to view this marvelous bridge is from Washuzan. The view from the lookout is truly special.

Try out the odd-and-freaky "Sky Cycle" in Washuzan Highland

While you are in Washuzan, why don't you go to a Brazilian-themed park called Washuzan Highland? They have a very interesting ride called "Sky Cycle", where you ride what is basically a bicycle on a track. But that track is placed 4-floors high, so it's not for the faint-hearted.

Sky Cycle might not have the speed and thrill of roller coasters, but gives you a totally different kind of thrill.

The other feature in the park is some men in Brazilian costume, who from time to time 'chases' the visitors for a dance.

Surreal cave formed from Okayama's unique geography

Travel for about one hour by car from Okayama central, you will be at upstream of Takahashi river. Nearby is a 1200-meters-long limestone cave.

Formed primarily by rainfall seeping into the limestone, Ikurado cave is truly an artwork by nature.

Enjoy unique and delicious Okayama cuisine

Okayama is home to fantastic food, including "Okayama Ramen" featuring rich pork-based soup, and pork-cutlet donburi with demi-glace sauce on top.

If you are in the region during Autumn, then white peach and maskat grapes are must-trys. There is also a shaved-ice shop in Okayama that allows you to enjoy fruits of the region.

The characterstic of Omachido's shaved ice is definitely the fresh fruits on top. They often make special seasonal menu, so do check it out.

There are full of great places to visit in Okayama - do try and put it in your itinerary if you are visiting Japan!


By - grape Japan editorial staff.