Much to the chagrin of cat owners everywhere, cats often seem to find less joy in their expensive scratch posts and more in the box it came in. A Japanese illustrator imagines an unconventional reason for this in this adorable comic.

In the first few panels the cats get excited to clamber into a brand new box labelled 'oranges'. The narrating speech bubbles explain that if you climb into a box and close your eyes, you can enter the box's dream world.

Once the cats squeeze into the box they are suddenly transported to a tangerine grove in the countryside with beautiful views of the sea. The dream world is composed of the box's memories meaning the cats can visit whatever far off place the box came from. In the last few frames, the narrator explains that this is a secret only cats know and both stray cats and house cats can visit these dream worlds whenever they find a cardboard box.

So according to this manga, boxes are like a portal for cats to go on dream adventures all around the world. This would explain why cats are so desperate to enter boxes they obviously can't fit into, they must think there's a particularly exciting memory attached to that box!

The illustrator, Misako Jam Tsutsui shared her work on Twitter, prompting other users to share photos of their fluffy friends in various boxes, presumably all experiencing wonderful trips...

Something to think about next time you find your cat hiding out in a cardboard box! Although what's so exciting about the Amazon warehouse is a mystery to me...

By - grape Japan editorial staff.