With such a rich and extensive bathing culture that has manifested itself in everything between timeless and magical hot springs towns and even hot spring amusement parks, it's no wonder we've seen so many promotional campaigns tied to onsen (traditional Japanese hot baths). Just recently we saw a KFC-scented bath bomb and even maple syrup pancake hot springs.

Now one of Japan's most popular onsen chains, Gokurakuyu, is teaming up with another favorite in the form of Ezaki Glico's Papico ice cream. Papico is a squeezable sherbet that comes in tubes, marketed as somewhat of a drinkable ice cream. You won't want to drink it in its newest form, however, as Gokurakuyu is going to turn its baths into Papico onsen. The collaboration may sound unnatural at first, but chilled milk or ice cream are often enjoyed in Japan after onsen sessions.

In a collaboration running from November 13th to November 26th, Gokurakuyu will offer hot baths that are said to simulate the "smoothness" of two Papico flavors. Keep in mind they aren't using actual Papico in the baths, so it's not meant to be consumed (unless you like to drink bathwater anyway). The first is a recently released milky and creamy "White Sour Flavor" and the second is the classic "Chocolate Coffee Flavor". Both are said to have an especially sweet fragrance and to be optimal for skincare.

A novelty balloon and store decorations (as well as plenty of Papico merchandise) will be available as well, with the campaign running at 23 different locations.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.