TENGA is Japan's flagship masturbatory aid (think of it as a Japanese Fleshlight), and they certainly are open to getting creative and quirky with their variety goods. In the past, TENGA has released different series, with standout names such as Deep Throat, Rolling Head, Premium Vacuum, and even an "American Size". TENGA also offers stretchable eggs, menthol goods, and aerostimulation-based models, and recently branched out into the energy drink market to help invigorate romantics before a big night. TENGA even put out a super spicy curry to promote their new heated model.

While TENGA tends to grab headlines with those promotions, their lineup of women's goods, iroha, takes a more subtle and refined approach. Well, depending on how you feel about their latest product. The women's "pleasure item brand" is now releasing a zen and tea ceremony-inspired vibrator.

The new "iroha zen" model was developed using traditional Japanese tea ceremony as a motif. The company apparently saw a link between iroha's goal of delivering a "soft and comfortable self-pleasure experience" and the tranquil and zen moments encountered during Japanese tea ceremony. That's why the new waterproof vibrator (which can last up to four hours) is actually modeled after a chasen, or the tea whisk used in Japanese tea ceremony. It also comes in three different "tea" varieties. (From left to right) Yuzu-cha (a Japanese citrus tea), Matcha (fine powdered green tea), and hana-cha (flower tea).

The company actually conducted its own survey, which resulted in 63% of women polled saying they had never tried a pleasure item before. This apparently motivated TENGA to release an easy-for-first-timers model, based off of tranquil nature of zen and tea ceremony, that has extra gentle pleats and a tickling sensation inspired by the ceremonial tea whisk. Yeah.

The packaging is also somewhat inspired by "modern traditional" Japanese style.

It's set to be released November 23rd, for 2,800 yen, likely available wherever TENGA products are sold. Go find your moment of zen.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.