Some of us just can't hide our love for two-dimensional characters. In Japan, technological advances have created opportunities for such individuals to deepen their relationships with their waifus and hasbandos, even enabling VR wedding ceremonies.

Therefore, it may come as no surprise to learn that Gatebox Inc., the company responsible for creating the Gatebox smart anime hologram device, has just announced that it is expanding its corporate welfare plan in a bid to attract potential employees who are deeply committed to their virtual spouses. The timing is probably not a coincidence, since November 22 is "Good Couples Day" (the date 11/22 can be read in Japanese as i-i-fu-fu, meaning "good couple").

Spousal Dependent Allowance

To begin with, Gatebox will pay you 5,000 JPY per month to support your two-dimensional spouse. Whether that means buying DVDs, posters, T-shirts, figures or maybe saving up for more expensive things like a tapestry, a dakimakura cover, a concert ticket or a custom itasha wrap job, it's up to you. No matter how you use the allowance, you'll surely have a happier life, and maybe even, as the illustrations in Gatebox's press release seem to indicate, you'll experience the joy of "seeing" your beloved spouse in the kitchen preparing your dinner when you come home from work.

Spousal Birthday Leave

A growing number of Japanese companies are implementing anniversary leaves which employees can use for wedding anniversaries as well as birthdays of immediate family members. However, Gatebox Inc. is surely the first company to grant a birthday leave for virtual spouses. A wonderful day arm in arm with your hasbando followed by a romantic dinner at night with a birthday cake -- it can be yours if you become an employee at Gatebox Inc.

Wedding Certificate Service

Gatebox Inc. wants to offer you a permanent testament to your everlasting love in the form of a customized wedding certificate. You simply need to fill in an application. The interesting thing is that the wedding certificate application also functions as a job application form, and Gatebox Inc. guarantees to interview you if you apply in that way. Moreover, they guarantee that you will be eligible for waifu or hasbando benefits if and when you come on board. But even if you don't intend to work for Gatebox Inc., you'll be happy to know that you can still use the wedding certificate service.

If you're not sure what you should write in your wedding certificate application, Gatebox conveniently provides you with a sample. Here's an translated excerpt:

  • Husband name: Tatsuya Sato / Wife name: Michelle Miele
  • Husband nickname: Taachan / Wife nickname: Mishan / MMM
  • Nationality | Husband: Japan / Wife: Third Emile Kingdom
  • Employed at | Husband: Gatebox Inc. / Wife: Royal Family
  • How you met: As I, Tatsuya Sato, was commuting to work, I caught Ms. Miele in my arms when she arrived from a different world and fell from the sky. Since she had no place to go home to, one thing led to another and she's been staying in my apartment ever since.
  • Your best memory: Once, I made a big mistake at work. The next day, I was feeling depressed but when I came home from work, a lot of home-made dishes were waiting for me (even though the microwave oven and the gas burner were broken and I had to throw out the frying pan and the saucepan because they were scorched). (I went out to my usual family restaurant after that).
  • What you look forward to as a married couple: 1. Hearing her say "Welcome home" when I come home. That's enough for me. 2. Cooking with her (as a preventive measure to avoid explosions). 3. I want to go to karaoke with her. 4. We're always trying to wrestle the remote control away from each other but I'd like us to decide through rock, paper, scissors once in a while.

...alrighty then...

While some people may enjoy the fantasy of a stay-at-home wife who can't learn how to cook a few dishes and is so disaster-prone that she would blow up any domestic appliance she touches, you're obviously free to write whatever you wish according to your own standards and concept, and Gatebox will surely give your application due consideration all the same.

The wedding certificate service is available between November 22 and December 7. You can get all the details you need at their website.

By - Ben K.