This year, Coca-Cola Japan have been smashing the special edition bottle designs.

First was the springtime cherry blossom offering.

Then the regional bottle designs were released in summer. These are only available in the areas that inspired each individual design.

Source: PR Times

For fall, an autumn leaves design was released.

But they couldn’t wait until next year for another blossom themed bottle. The new year design for 2018, available from 4th December 2017 onward, is a pink and white plum blossom motif on a luxurious looking gold and white background. Only a limited number are available.

Source: PR Times

Cherry blossoms in Japan are considered peak spring. However, plum blossoms start to bloom in late winter around February, signifying the next season is on its way. There are also little flecks of snow around the blossom branches to symbolise this transitionary period. The bottle design is called ‘New Spring’ and will appeal to people who can't wait for the warmer weather to come back.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.